A Freaky Vacation Roger

I didn’t just spend my whole life on a riverboat. Most people will tease that I did, but I can ensure you that I didn’t. One of my favorite vacations was when I went to Massachusetts with my late wife. We went to Cape Cod, walked along the beautiful white [ » ]

A Freaky Vacation

Plains, Trains And Autos- And Boats! Roger

So, this post is about the breadth of knowledge I had picked up about boats in the last 20 years. I have always been a major fan of transportation. My uncle used to be a train conductor, and I used to ride along with him on cross state trips. We [ » ]

Plains, Trains And Autos- And Boats!

I’ll Never Forget The Day… Roger

I remember being on the riverboat not too long ago. It was when I was stationed off Plum Island and did a stint in Rhode Island. It was a normal day. I arrived early to the SS Marsha to do my normal pre-sail checks. I checked the rutters, the engines [ » ]

I’ll Never Forget The Day…

First Glimpse Roger

So I want to start this blog off about explaining just how could incredible my life has been. But it was set up and down the Mississippi River over and over again and fulfill my lifestream. I listen to Otis Redding, Animals and other  Motown favorites up in the cockpit [ » ]

First Glimpse