First Glimpse

So I want to start this blog off about explaining just how could incredible my life has been. But it was set up and down the Mississippi River over and over again and fulfill my lifestream. I listen to Otis Redding, Animals and other  Motown favorites up in the cockpit and thoroughly enjoyed. However my favorite thing was all the people out get to meet at this wonderful and illustrious career.billy

So my favorite people including Martha Jenkins and deckhands Paulo Dominguez and Stefan Marshall. I really got to know over the years and bond and make everlasting relationships with these people. Heck I even went to Martha’s son’s wedding and was able to speak at the wedding as we are such great friends.

But I also was able to learn a time about boats. From the antique days of steam vessels down to the propeller powered ferries that we have today, I knew it all. It really breaks my heart when I see horrible Cap’ns, like the one who crashed into the shore with his vessel, not know how to drive a stinking boat. The kind of people like this that should be riding dinghies not passenger ferries and boats.

See what I mean with this post (

But I digress. In his life really just comes down to meet banking the lone superhero in my life. Have you ever considered somebody to be your superhero? Have you ever considered Jesus Christ the one who all superheroes are based off of? He had superpowers that allow him to raise the dead. He fought and triumphed over evil and the most unique unperceived ways. He is the ultimate protector of the weak and the faint of heart. Is disguised as his glory analogous to the brightness of the sun by cloaking himself in humility. Ultimately 2000 years after his birth the exploits he is more powerful than ever. According to global Christianity airport on the size and distribution of the worlds Christian population there are 3 billion Christians around the world, which represents nearly a third of the estimated global population of 7 billion. That my friends is a true superhero.

Jesus Christ is the one who has brought me to where I am and allowed me to pursue my glory days on boat. Just a glimpse my next post will be more story based and have all the pictures and fun times of the riverboat that I was stationed on for nearly 15 years the SS more and, and the next boat after that was the incredible Lucille Ferry it was most remarkable boat and Ferry ability that I’ve ever had.

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