I’ll Never Forget The Day

I remember being on the riverboat not too long ago. It was when I was stationed off Plum Island and did a stint in Rhode Island. It was a normal day. I arrived early to the SS Marsha to do my normal pre-sail checks. I checked the rutters, the engines and walked around on board. I spoke to the assistant captain and crew, the staff and waitresses. Nothing was different for me that that morning- except one thing. His name was Alexander Jackson- Might as well have been James Bond.bond

I was walking back to the galley, when I spotted a man in a white suit, sitting in my chair. He looked like the kind of guy who smoked fine cigars and drank whiskey. He looked like he had money, I could tell he did because I saw a limousine on shore, I think from this local company-http://www.lavishlimousineprovidence.com/

Anyways, I saw this man lurking around. At first, I was caught off guard- he was such a peculiar character to be on a riverboat in RI. I approached the man and said, “Hey, what are you doing”. This was the most interesting conversation I have ever had. He explained how he was in RI for the FBI and he needed a lift across the bay. We spoke a bit about heist’s, international sports, fine wine and the women we’ve slept with. I even popped open a flask on the way, something I only did on a rare occasion with certain guests. It was a jolly time.

Towards the end of the trip, about 3 hours long, we could start to see the shore line, about 2 miles away. It was at this time, that he stood up and proclaimed that he needed to know where the bathroom was. I patiently awaited for him to come back, to keep our conversation going as it was so fun and exciting. 10 minutes went by. Next 20. then 30. We had docked. I walked around the boat to say goodbye to my new friend, but there was no sight of him. Where did he go?

I walked over to the bathroom that was closest to where the cockpit was located. I knocked a few times. Could my mystery friend ( I think he said his name was Martin), be sea sick? I knocked on the door a few times, until I realized that it was open. When I opened the door, I saw nobody.. But something in the corner did catch my eye. It was a perfectly folded, nice, white suit- the same one that Martin was wearing. I saw that the port hole was open as well. What the hell happened? I cried and screamed man overboard! I pulled the SOS lever in the cockpit to look for Martin, but the search crew ended up combing the shoreline and local water all night and couldn’t find anything.

I sat down for drink later that night with some of the crew and we talked about what could have happened, until we found out later that night. Their was a hundred million dollar home being built for a local drug lord, taking place on plum island. The arrest of the drug lord had occurred that night and I saw our mystery friends picture on the cover of the newspaper, in charge of the arrest. What had happened, was that he was undercover and must have changed into his disguise in the bathroom. Jumped out, changed on land and arrested the drug dealer. Incredible really. Such an interesting day that was.

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