What is this blog about?

Ahmad JamalMy name is Desmond. I grew up in South Kentucky. I’ve decided to create this blog, to highlight my illustrious career as a riverboat captain, up and down the Mississippi River. It was an incredible experience. I have many things that I am grateful for in my career, many of them being that I was able to meet some incredible people. I think about my life ( I am turning 62 this year!), and my best days were spent, doing what I most love- Sailing! I would eat Jambalaya and drink beer until my heart was content- I would never drink while I was driving people!!

I want to post pictures and stories from my times as one of the areas (most fun) and best captains. I have a large filing room and basement filled with old records, gifts, photos and videos, that I will be adding to this blog to share the thoughts and happiness of these days.

If you would like to reach out to me, to add some pictures or catch up please shoot me an email at Desmond@ riverboatdays.com. You can call me at 393- 003-1992 and we can chat.